Dog Hands

I often wish my dog had hands.


character 3

Not all the time, just when I want her to, like when I can’t get my rubber boots off…



character 4



…or so she could help collect sticks on the way home from the park…

character 5


…or when I’m packing the car to go away, and half the stuff is hers.

character 6

In my imagination…

In my imagination, of which I have a lot, I thought I had it planned.

I thought I would go to work every weekday, come home, and without young children to look after, just float down to my drawing room in a non tired way and draw madly into the night. I knew it would be hard work and busy, but do-able, simply because it had to be done.

Life is not at all like that.

There is shopping, dinner, wine therapy and people to look at, including husbands, hospitals, death and illness to deal with, driving , dog walking, cat feeding, minute typing, staring, phone calls and House of cards watching to be done. Plus more I’m sure.

Book number three will get done, it is actually looking better than it did, Ms Whelan. I have appreciated art making as a therapeutic tool so much more because of the lack of available time and the pressure of ‘real’ work. I sometimes didn’t see illustrating that way, because it can cause me great internal hardship and glumness.

I have been illustrating at home for four years now and I know it is just the pendulum swing of going back to the necessary regular wage paying work, although temporary, but I  found my feelings leading up to the whole job application process as grief, because of the inability of illustration work , or my lack of business talent to hone in on money making ideas, to be enough to live on. Why can’t something that I work so hard on for so long be worth something? This applies to all the creatives of the world I know, andI’m sad for you all. Let’s rebel or something.

I have been offered a 2 day a week job starting soon, and I’m excited at the thought of having a regular ticking over small wage, plus time to get back to my people, and think. It’s the thought space necessary for creativity I miss, and the world of illustrators and authors that I know are carrying on without me.




Dont think about purple Elephants cover copy

A beautiful story by Susan Whelan

Susan Whelan is a writer, editor, mother, and passionate advocate for children’s literacy. She’s also the Managing Editor of highly respected children’s literature website Kids’ Book Review.

Don’t Think About Purple Elephants is about a little girl named Sophie, who sometimes worries — not during the day when she is busy with family and friends, but at night when everything is calm and quiet. Her family all try to help, but somehow they just make her worries worse. Until her mother thinks of a new approach … that might just involve an elephant or two! But wait, don’t think about purple elephants, whatever you do! Whimsical and humorous, this little girl’s story of finding a way to ease her worry resonates with children and parents everywhere.

Works For Sale

Some of my original artworks need a new home. I thought I’d have an online market stall because it doesn’t rain on the internet!

Sizes vary from approximately A4 to A3 and prices range from $50 to $150.

Please contact me via email if you are interested in buying an artwork at

Works can be sent anywhere with additional postage added to the price.


So much to do, so little time…

I realised it has been a whole month since my last blog. This is partially because I have been doing other things, such as get my exhibition ready for the corridors of Westmead Hospital, going to university and doing assignmentIMG_6851_2s, and co-launching a book!

The book is currentlyIMAG1933 on display at John Hunter Hospital – see left- by invitation from the coordinator of the Arts for Health program, along with others from the book nook at the hospital, including the luscious Tottie and Dot, and local author illustator combo book I Don’t Like Cheese.

The launch was a delightful experience and I am very keen to do that again. Luckily for me, I will get to do it all again with EK books, as I have just signed a contract for three new books! Yes, three!! In one year. The books will be in a set especially for girls. I switch between high excitement to terror as I think about this task, but it will get done! I started preliminary sketches a little while ago, and and met with Anouska and Susan for contracts, coffee, and constructive conversation at the delicious Macadamia Farm cafe. I’m loving the process of making picture books, especially plotting the pages, forming characters, imagining illustrations of interest and then making them a reality. I also love coffee.

20150330_103301 20150330_123658

I also have been approached to illustrate another book with an author which will be a very special one indeed, I can feel it. More later!

I am taking Don’t Think About Purple Elephants to Seoul with me this week to donate to a library there, I like the thought of them being read in different countries. I will have to investigate the art shops while I’m there too!

I’m starting a blog…

cup of teaHello! I’m now blogging to provide a space for my processes and thoughts on my illustration and general arty things and perhaps even subjects unrelated. Perhaps if I write it down, I can clear some mind space for some new thoughts! I have so many things on the go most of the time, this year I am hoping to simplify and not get too distracted from uni work and illustration projects.

I have just completed putting together works for Westmead Hospital corridors. I really love exhibiting at hospitals because my style and content provide a nice distraction from the hospital environment for both patients, staff and visitors, and I know this from feedback that I received from exhibiting at the John Hunter Hospital recently and last year at Westmead. It truly makes me happy to hear.


The most exciting thing in the world to me of course is the launch of Don’t Think About Purple Elephants by Susan Whelan on March 21 2015. I feel really lucky to have been chosen to illustrate this book, it has a gorgeous story and it has felt right from the very beginning. I realise that illustrators don’t often get the chance to collaborate with authors or launch together, so its double the excitement for us.

To have the opportunity to launch at the Newcastle Writers Festival makes it all the more special, and I’m very grateful to those that made it happen. I still amazed that I have illustrated a real book! I carried it around the other night, just because I could.