I’m starting a blog…

cup of teaHello! I’m now blogging to provide a space for my processes and thoughts on my illustration and general arty things and perhaps even subjects unrelated. Perhaps if I write it down, I can clear some mind space for some new thoughts! I have so many things on the go most of the time, this year I am hoping to simplify and not get too distracted from uni work and illustration projects.

I have just completed putting together works for Westmead Hospital corridors. I really love exhibiting at hospitals because my style and content provide a nice distraction from the hospital environment for both patients, staff and visitors, and I know this from feedback that I received from exhibiting at the John Hunter Hospital recently and last year at Westmead. It truly makes me happy to hear.


The most exciting thing in the world to me of course is the launch of Don’t Think About Purple Elephants by Susan Whelan on March 21 2015. I feel really lucky to have been chosen to illustrate this book, it has a gorgeous story and it has felt right from the very beginning. I realise that illustrators don’t often get the chance to collaborate with authors or launch together, so its double the excitement for us.

To have the opportunity to launch at the Newcastle Writers Festival makes it all the more special, and I’m very grateful to those that made it happen. I still amazed that I have illustrated a real book! I carried it around the other night, just because I could.


2 thoughts on “I’m starting a blog…

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Gwynne. Can’t wait to read more about your wonderful illustrations and artworks and whatever other things you find to comment on. xxx


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