Launch Day for Purple Elephants

Susan and I had the most amazing experience at our book launch on Saturday! Newcastle Library and the Newcastle Writers Festival gave us the most wonderful opportunity and space to share the launch with Newcastle and lots of our friends. We were amongst our fellow authors and illustrators who read their books throughout the day. Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from thelaunch , including those cakes.

The cakes and biscuits were so vibrant and tempting…I was very lucky to get one as I was running downstairs for signing. Later it was upside down on the floor so I ate the bottom of it. Julie Swane from the library did a fabulous job of decorating the cupcakes with sparkly fondant elephants and making elephant biscuits.

There are so many photos to choose from! I will try to find any photos from the children’s library area where it was decorated with prints, elephants, grass, clouds and even a bike (thanks Sally!)

Kaz Delaney, author extraordinaire, launched us to a big crowd, Susan and I spoke and then Susan read the book. It was delightful to see a young boy in the front row reading his own copy in time with Susan’s reading.

Signing the books was a whirlwind, there were moments when my handwriting did things of it’s own, but I got better at drawing instant elephants, and even drew a squirrel at one point, though I couldn’t remember what they looked like!

More soon!

IMG_6858 (1)





21_3_15 Don't Think About Purple Elephants Book Launch 07



21_3_15 Don't Think About Purple Elephants Book Launch 11


Thanks Stewart Hazell for the last two pics


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